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UshnaUrja Energy India Pvt Ltd. is Bangalore based company focused to Being a solutions provider enabling conceptualizing, customizing in field of solar PV, Thermal and Heat Pump systems, enabling customers improve energy efficiency, reliability, meet product requirements, reduce use of fossil fuels and help reducing carbon footprint to safeguard environment.

Authorized Channel partner and Distributor for Jaquar Heat pump

We Deal in..

Solar Water Heating System

The Solar water heating system is operates on Thermosyphone / Force flow principle.


Heat Pumps

The main components of heat pumps are Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser, Expansion valve and Fan


Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plant – Off Grid/ Grid tie / Net metering applications


Solar Pumping

Main components are PV panels, structures, VFD and cables.


Professionalize engineering and execution solutions directly and in association with partners in this promising sector of solar PV, thermal and Heat pump which is the future growth engine for energy requirements.


Solar Thermal Application & Heat Pump Solutions

The Applications for water heating / Swimming pool heat pump/ Air source heat pump / process application and range for a variety of industries / institutions /farmers using process heating or boiler feed heating as for residential or commercial purposes for apartments, houses etc. Heat pump application for heating of water in the field of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals and process industries


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