Company Profile

This company formed in 2016 by two professionals and having cumulative experience more than 30 years in the field of Glass processing, electrical, solar thermal and photovoltaic field. One professional is having qualification of M.E., in Energy systems and have installed more than lakh LPD of solar water Heater, Heat pumps and 1kw to 500 kw Solar Photo voltaic systems.

Our Focus

  • Being a solutions provider enabling conceptualizing, customizing in field of solar PV, Thermal and Heat Pump systems, enabling customers improve energy efficiency, reliability, meet product requirements, reduce use of fossil fuels and help reducing carbon footprint to safeguard environment.
  • Professionalize engineering and execution solutions directly and in association with partners in this promising sector of solar PV, thermal and Heat pump which is the future growth engine for energy requirements.
  • Operation and After Sales Service requirements and provide value to industries in a stand-alone or integrated manner.
  • The top management has a track record of technical entrepreneur ship in the solar field and Glass processing for around 30+ years. Team experience of Installed and Operational Systems of over MW scale Solar Power and about one lakh LPD solar Hot water, for industries, households, utilities in both solar power and solar Thermal.
  • Supported by a dedicated team of experienced engineers for installations & project engineering
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